Kind of obsessed with florals right now :)

The Girls are Out by Essie; Spirit by Revlon.

mymidnightmemorys said: Hi! I found you on the Sparknotes awards (p.s. I voted for you!) your nail designs are soooo good! How do you paint your dominant hand? I can only get one hand to look good, and the other looks horrible and gets all smeared and stuff haha. -Emily☺

Aww, thanks so much! And it’s awesome to meet a fellow sparkler :D
Really it’s just practice — I used to be horrible with my left hand but the more nail designs I did (and redid, after messing up), the better I got.

Warm weather! Hurray!
Oh also here are some flowers.

Blanc, Meet Me at Sunset, and It’s Genius by Etsy; Nude by OPI

crazysexxydiva said: As a nail art lover for the past like 3 years now, how often do you do your nails!? Do you get that gitty sensation when you know you're about to do your nails or is that just me! I have a new Diva Does Nails blog that I started so I'm def following you!

I used to paint my nails at least once a week, but recently school’s been getting in the way. Thanks for the follow — I just checked out your blog and it looks pretty cool :)

Another older design, and probably one of the first times I (successfully) painted both my left and right hands. Magikarp and Gyarados nails, based on designs by the lovely Mr.Candiipants (seriously, everyone go follow her. She’s excellent.)

Mellow Yellow and Black Out by Sally Hansen; Four Leaf Clover, Recycle and Scarlet by China Glaze; Neon Orange by Santee; Pleasures by Jade; Savage by Sinful Colors.

An older, The Cat In the Hat themed design. First two nails are the cat in the hat, fourth nail is the fish.

Black Out by Sally Hansen; Blanc by Etsy, Neon Orange by Santee; Scarlet and Snow Globe by China Glaze; Up All Night by China Glaze.

It’s (finally) getting nice out, so all I want to do is sit outside and eat ice cream. Making my nails look like ice cream is the next best thing…

Superhero by Del Sol; Blanc and Meet Met at Sunset by Essie; Blackout by Sally Hansen; Foxy by Revlon; San Tan-Tonio by OPI; Savage by Sinful Colors; First Mate by China Glaze.

So I made pabu nails (from avatar the last airbender). Super pleased with how they turned out.

For Audrey by China Glaze; Blanc and Meet Me at Sunset by Essie; Black Out by Sally Hansen; San Tan-Tonio by OPI; Foxy by Revlon.

Mickey mouse nails! These were lots of fun to paint.

Blanc by Essie; Black Out by Sally Hansen; For Audrey, Scarlet and Nude by China Glaze.

icandomynails said: Your nail art is seriously amazing. I love it so much.

Aww, thanks so much! Just checked out your blog and all of your art is kind of amazing too…actually I’m super jealous of your futurama and harry potter nails :)